Make a simple trammel for drawing circles

A trammel is a marking device that pivots around a centerpoint to create a circle. You can buy fancy milled steel woodworking trammels, or- you can make your own with a thin strip of hardboard. Just drive a nail through one end of the strip, than measure out from the nail toward the other end an amount equal to the radius of the circle. Mark a centerpoint for drilling a pencil guide hole at that point (usually, 3/s in. dia.). Tack the nail at the center of the workpiece, insert the pencil into the guide hole, then make a. single revolution around the nail with the pencil to draw the circle.


Cutting is a fundamental process thrift critical to the success of just about any project you're likely to undertake in your workshop. It's essentially a three-part task: laying out the cutting line; setting up for the cut; find executing the cut. Setting up involves choosing the best tool antl blade for the job, then adjusting the tool or position of the workpiece to ensure an accurate cut.

There are really only two ways of cutting; either you apply a tool to the workpiece (as with most portable and hand tools), or you apply the workpiece to the tool (as with table saws and other fools where the cutting instrument remains in one spot throughout the cut). When applying the tool to the workpiece, use a combination of straightedges, cutting guides and clamps to achieve accurate cuts. When applying the workpiece to the tool, you normally rely on the built-in fences and scales of the tool to guide the cut.

The basic types of ruts undertaken in workshops include: cross-cutting (making a straight cut across the grain of a board); rip-cutting (reducing the width of a board by cutting it lengthwise with the grain); miter-cutting (cross-cutting at an angle with the saw blade perpendicular to the: workpiece) and bevel-cutting (making a nonperpendicular cut). In addition to these basic cuts, this section also includes information on mortising and cutting non-wood materials.

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