Deck plants provide a graceful transition from the distinctly indoor space of your home to the distinctly outdoor space of your yard. Attractive planters filled with flowers, herbs and shrubs can transform your deck into a cozy and inviting outdoor "room." These planters are designed to be used either as enclosures for potted plants or to be lined with landscape fabric and filled with dirt. We built these planters for a cedar deck; for best results, build yours from the same material as your deck.

Vital Statistics: Planters

TYPE: Deck and railing planters

OVERALL SIZE: Railing planter: 7V*W by 3SV41 by 7VaH Deck planter: 1GW by 2OV2L by 15VsH

MATERIAL: Cedar, exterior plywood

JOINERY: Butt joints reinforced with galvanized finish nails and screws


• Railing planter fits over standard 2x6 railing cap

* Recessed bottoms and weep holes Improve air circulation and drainage on both planters

FINISHING OPTIONS: UV protectant sealer, exterior paint or leave unfinished to weather naturally to gray

Building time

Tools you'll use


- Circular saw

0 hours

■ Jig saw


- Drill/driver

1-2 hours

- Clamps


- Hammer

1-2 hours

- Nallset


2-3 hours


1-2 hours

5-9 hours

□ Galvanized deck screws (iWln.)

LI Galvanized finish nails (2-in.)

G UV protectant sealer

2" galvanized finish nails, typ.

W'-dia. weep holes, drill at an angle

2" galvanized finish nails, typ.

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