Porch Swing

A coo I breeze and a calming motion are the main returns you'll earn if you invest a little time and money in building this porch swing. Made of lightweight cedar (or any exterior wood), this swing will seat two adults comfortably while standing up to any abuse the elements can send its way.

Vital Statistics: Porch Swing

Lightweight Porch Swing

TYPE: Two-person outdoor swing OVERALL SIZE: 58^W by 26H by 30D MATERIAL: Cedar

JOINERY: Half-lap joints reinforced with glue and screws, butt joints reinforced with screws CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: * Ail parts cut front standard dimensional cedar

■ Comfortable slope to seat and back rest

■ Four eyebolts for hanging

- Three slat supports distribute weight evenly

FINISHING OPTIONS: Clear coat with UV-resistant wood sealer, stain with exterior stain or paint white or gray for a more formal appearance.

Building time

Tools you'll use cM


- Table saw ■ Band saw or jig saw

LAYOUT 2-4 hours

■ Drill press • C clamps


- Router table with piloted V4-in. roundover bit

ASSEMBLY 2-4 hours

■ Tape measure - Spring damps

FINISHING 1-2 hours

■ Portable drill guide

9-16 hours

■ Dado-blade set for table saw

Shopping list

□ (4) 3/a x 4-in. eyebolts; 3/e-in. nuts and washers

□ Finishing materials

□ Weatherproof wood glue

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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