Ripcutting with a band saw or jig saw

Both the jig saw and the band saw are quite capable of making straight cuts, but you can't expect either to produce finish cuts. While a table saw can leave a dead-accurate cut with a surface that requires only light sanding, a jig saw or band saw cut is rippled and its biade has a tendency to wander So if you're going to do your ripping and cross cutUng this way, you'll have to clean up the sawn surfaces with a hand plane or use a router with a piloted flush-cut bit

Uniike table saw cuts, jig saw and band saw rip cuts can be made freehand, following a scribed iine. This can be a real advantage when making a rip cut that Is not precisely parallel to the edge of the board or perhaps even has a slight turn or curve to it. You can aiso make straight rip cuts with these tools If you choose, using a straightedge guide with the jig saw or a guide or fence with the band saw. Some jig saws come with an adjustable side fence, similar to that on a circular saw, for making narrow cuts parallel to an edge.

When ripping with a jig saw, choose a thicker biade (iess prone to flexing) with a relatively iow number of teeth per inch. The bandsaw should be fitted with a wide {lh In. or wider} skip-tooth biade.

Band Saw Jig
fllP-CUTUNG WITH A JIG SAW: One advantage to using a jig saw to make rip cuts is that It's easy to set up a straightedge and make a cut that's not parallel to the edge of the board. Be sure the guide Is set to allow for the offset between the saw foot and biade.

RIP-CUTTING WITH A BAND SAW: Uke jig saws, a band saw can make "rip" cuts that generaiiy follow the grain of the wood but aren't necessarily straight or parallel to the edge of the board. Ybu can aiso make "true" rip cuts that are parallel to the edge using the fcnce that comes with most bandsaws. The edges of the cut won't be as sharp as a table saw cut, however.

Off Set Floor Saw

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