Ripcutting with a table saw

The table saw is certainly the most convenient and most accurate machine for ripping lumber and sheet goods. Make sure the rip fence is adjusted so it's parallel to the blade and at a right angle to the table. Squaring up the fence can be tricky with the often-flimsy fences that come with some table saws. That's why you may want to consider seriously investing in after-market calibrated fences that are sturdy, adjustable, and accurate. Many new saws now come equipped with a higher-end rip fence.

Table saws also come equipped with a number of safety features to reduce the hazards of rip cutting In addition to the blade guard, the riving knife with anlikick back pawls behind the blade prevent, kickback when ripping Vxiards.

Making rip cuts. (See photos, next page.) Set the rip fence so the distance between its inner face and the teeth of your saw

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