Save money and increase trim options by cutting your own trim molding with a router

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Anyone who's done much trim carpentry knows that milled trim moldings can be very expensive, especially if they're made of hardwood. It can also be very difficult to find the .size, profile and wood species you're looking for from stock mill work. One good solution to this dilemma is t o cut your own trim moldings. Simply choose an edge-forming bit with the profile you like and rout the shape into a piece of stock. You can rout the shape freehand, using a piloted bit, but make sure the stock is wide enough to provide a stable bearing surface for the router base. If you own a router table, use it to make the prulile cuts. After the profile is cut, rip-cut the profiled board to the desired trim width on your table saw. If you need more molding, rout the profile into the cut edge of the stock then rip-cut again.

Any edge-forming bit (and some groove-forming bits) will cut a suitable edge. But as you experiment with cutting your own moldings, look into new bit options with more sophisticated profiles, like the double Roman ogee bit shown here. If you're using a router that can accept a Vs-in. shank, you'll find a wide selection of interesting bits in just about any woodworking catalog. You can also use two or more bits in combination to form complex and interesting edge treatments.

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