Save those planer shavings

The messiest pail of using chemical strippers is scraping off and disposing of the goo and residue that's created by the stripping process. To make this step a little neater, scatter shavings from your power planer (sawdust is ineffective) onto the stripper after it has done its job, and allow the chemicals to soak into the shavings. Then, simply wipe up the shavings and dispose of them properly.

Woodworking is about both the process and the project. In this book, you've heard that before. Now that we've thoroughly covered the process—your shop is ail set up, you've mastered essential skills or improved those you already had—let's get into the items you can create.

That's what this Home Furnishings & Accessories chapter is all about. Here axe 41 complete projects that walk you step-by-step, from start to finish, through each creation. You'll find all the details you need right here—"vital statistics" tool lists, shopping list, cutting list, and step-by-step, how-to-ereate-it photographs.

Woodworking does offer two rewards—the process, and the project. These pages give you the project ideas and instructions you need for guaranteed soccer.

Both practical and attractive, this unique plant stand will brighten up any corner of your house. The ceramic tile top is mounted on a removable tray for easy cleaning or replacement. We used inexpensive Philippine mahogany to build the base, but you can use just about any wood you choose.

Vital Statistics: Plant Stand

TYPE: Plant stand


- Tiie top Is mounted to a removable tray so the tile can be cleaned or replaced If It breaks or becomes worn

■ Top rails keep objects from sliding off tiled surface

- Decorative chamfers on tops of solid mahogany iegs

• Lower shelf functions as a stretcher between legs

FINISHING OPTIONS: Clear coat with tung oil varnish. Paste filler for wood grain Is a good option for mahogany. Match wood tones to tiie color.

Building time


LAYOUT 2-4 hours


ASSEMBLY 2-4 hours

FINISHING 1-2 hours

TOTAL: 8-16 hours

Tools you'll use

Table saw



Router table with piloted chamfering bit

Tape measure

24-in. or longer bar or pipe clamps (6)


Spring ciamps

Combination square

Doweling jig


Back saw or dovetail saw Portable driii guide Power sander

Shopping list

□ (2) iVz x 1V2 in. x e ft. mahogany {Philippine or Honduras—Philippine is shown here)

□ VMn.-ply wood scrap for tray bottom (birch plywood is shown here)

□ (1) 12 x 12-in. ceramic floor tile (or smaller tiles to create a 12 x 12-in. sheet)

□ Tile adhesive, grout and penetrating sealer

□ Finishing materials

Plant Stand Cutting List

Wood Scrollsaw Patterns Plants

Plant Stand Cutting List


Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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