Shakerstyle Keepsake

Shaker craftsmen created marvelous steam-bent oval boxes to store and organize such persona] items as sewing kits, button collections and correspondence. Try your hand at steam-bending when you build our rendition of a Shaker-style box. Bending the ash parts of the box and lid is easier than it looks, thanks to an inexpensive steaming jig you can build yourself.

Vital Statistics: Shaker-style Keepsake Box

Steam Bending Box Images

TYPE: Oval boxwfth lid

OVERALL SIZE: Ud: lVsH by by 1l/al Box: 23/sH by 43/aW by 67AL

MATERIAL: Air-dried asfi

JOINERY: Butt and rabbet joints


■ Ud and box sides are bent from single pieces of ash

■ Fingers on the lid and box sides are glued and finished with decorative brass pins

- Ash parts are made pliable by steaming in a plywood, shop-built steamer jig

1 Sides of lid fit into a rabbet cut around the oval box top

FINISH: Wipe-on Danish oii

Building time

0i> PREPARING STOCK 1-2 hours

LAYOUT * 2-3 hours



ASSEMBLY 2-3 hours


TOTAL: 8-11 hours

Tools you'll use

- Table saw

- Band saw or scroll saw

• Stationary belt sander

- SItop-built steamer jig (See page 202 for construction details)

■ Large cooking pot and heat source (hotplate or stove)

Shopping list

□ (1) 3/4 in. X 4 ft. X & ft. exterior plywood

□ #8 x lV2-in. galvanized deck ©crews l~l (3) 3/s-in.-long brass pins

□ Moi&ture-re&i&tant and regular wood glue

PI Finishing materials

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