Sweet cheeks for tenons

Making the cheek cuts for tenons is clumsy and dangerous without a good tenoning jig—and the results are usually disap-ixrinting. This shop-built tenoning jig is easy to make from scrap wood and will help you produce tenons that fît. on the first try. First, cut the vertical and horizontal members—the horizontal member should have a contour on the tail to create a handle, as shown above. Join the two members with wood screws, arranged so the distance from the bottom of the horizontal member to the bottom of the vertical member is equal to the height of your saw fence. Make sure the members are exactly perpendicular. To use the jig, clamp your workpiece to the jig and feed the workpiece into the blade, keeping steady pressure against the fence and the table (See photo, above right). Cut all the way through the workpiece and the jig. Always test your cuts on a scrap board before cutting your workpieces. Use your miter gauge to guide the workpiece when cutting the tenon shoulders.

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Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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