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My Uncle Darrel has been an avid woodworker since I've known him. Whenever my family would drive down for a visit while I was growing up, the first placc T wanted to go was always Parrel's workshop. In preparation Tor my visit, he'd set aside a few scraps and cutoff pieces for me to experiment with. At first I was only allowed to use a coping saw, a tack hammer and a few other hand tools that weren't particularly dangerous, But as 1 grew older and more experienced, he let me use more powerful tools and build more complex projects.

During my sophomore year of high school, I spent a weekend with Uncle Darrel helping liim build a futon frame from a birch tree he'd felled on his land, then rough-cut and air-dried in his garage. 1 almost cried when, at the end of the weekend, he gave it to me, I slept, on that futon all throughout college and F thought of it often as 1 developed my own woodworking skills and finally set up a shop of my own. He's nut too interested in woodworking himself, but when my step-son leaves for college in a couple of year s, he's looking forward to taking the futon frame with him.

Woodworking is like that. In fact, just about anyone who has taken the hobby beyond the obligatory birdhouse in junior high industrial arts class has a story like the one I always tell about the birch futon. When you craft something from wood, the process not only teaches you new skills and provides a creative outlet, it can generate an heirloom. Or at least an object that's rich with sentimental value.

Woodworking: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide, to Skills, Techniques and Projects is both a teacher of skills and a source of ideas: It's about the process and the project.

in this book, you will find all of the information and project plans you need to develop a hobby that will last a lifetime. It contains great advice on setting up your own workshop and some essential background information you'll need to know about wood, Jt takes you through all the basic skills in the order you'll need them, including measuring, marking and layout, then using cutting and shaping tools to create solid wood joints. With clear color photos it shows you exactly how to clamp and glue your joints, then offers a complete section on sanding and finishing for professional results.

But where a lot of woodworking books only show you some skills, this new woodworking compendium gives you over 300 pages of complete project plans so you can put your skills to use. Indoor or outdoor, easy or more involved, you're sure to find projects to match your .skills and needs right here. There art: even a couple projects for your shop itself.

Woodworking is a never-ending journey. Whether you've been doing it for one year or fifty, there are always new skills to master and exciting projects to tackle. Let Woodworking: The Complete Step by-Step Guide to Skills, Techniques and Projects be your companion every step of the way.

And while you're at it, be sure to pass the passion on to a young person who means something to you. You'll create memories—and projects—that will last a lifetime.

— Mark Johanson, Editor

The best woodworking takes place in a well-organized, safe and efficient space that is devoted to (or at least designed for) Lht? Couple those factors with a detailed knowledge of the wood you'll be working with, and you're well on your way to some very rewarding times—and memorable projects—in your workshop.

That's what, this Workshop Essentials chapter is all about. See how to set up your workshop for maximum efficiency Make sure your layout, equipment and techniques art? safe. Maintain everything in good working order. And understand the in's, out's and intricacies of all the various kinds of lumber you'll de dealing with.

Woodworking oilers two rewards—the process itself, and the projects you create. These pages get you ready for the process it,si?lf.

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