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Magazine Rack Plans

TYPE: Magazine rack OVERALL SIZE: 12W fay 14H by 12D MATERIAL: Cherry JOINERY: Hidden dowel joints construction details:

- Generously spaced slats for contemporary appearance

■ Smooth handle profile for comfortable carrying

- Divided compartment promotes organization

■ Makes efficient use of materials

FINISHING OPTIONS: Brush on a clear topcoat such as Danish oil (shown). Could leave unfinished to allow tannins in the cherry wood to react with the air and darken the wood naturally.

Building time vi preparing stock 1-2 hour


2-4 hours


3-5 hours cM

9 ^ assembly 1-2 hours


TOTAL: 8-15 hours

Tools you'll use

■ Router with piloted 1/8 in. roundover bit

* Portable drill guide - Doweling jig

* Metal dowel points Mallet

* Drill/driver

Shopping list

[ 1/4-ih.-dia. hardwood doweling

□ Finishing materials

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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