Vital Statistics Potting Bench

TYPE: Potting bench

OVERALL SIZE: 48W by 28^0 by 63^H MATERIAL; Cedar, exterior plywood, perforated hardboard JOINERY: Butt joints reinforced with galvanized deck screws


- Countertop outfitted with removable bar sink

- Shop-made PVC plumbing system designed for garden hose hook-up ■ Cart outfitted with rolling casters

FINISHING OPTIONS: Cedar parts topcoated with penetrating UV protectant sealer, exterior paint or leave unfinished to weather naturally to gray. Hardboard and exterior plywood finished with exterior latex primer and paint

Building time

Toots you'll use m


Circular saw

0 hours

■ iigsaw


■ Drill/driver

3-4 hours

- Clamps


■ Combination square

2-3 hours

■ Hacksaw


5-8 hours

Shopping list


3-5 hours

Plumbing parts: □ Stainless-steel bar sink

13-20 hours

□ 3/4-in.-dia. PVC pipe (6 ft.)

i~1 (2) strap clamps □ (2) 90" elbows

n PVC stop valve

□ PVC female adaptor

□ Hose thread to pipe thread transition fitting

LJ Angled hose fitting

E CPVC primer and cement

Shopping list

Bench materials:

□ (1) 2 x 6 in. X 4 ft. cedar C (6) 2 x 4 in. x S> ft. cedar

LJ Galvanized deck screw© (11/4-r V/2-, 2-, 2'/2-iti.)

□ Latex primer and paint CI UV protectant sealer

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