Wallhung Coatrack

Hang coats in style on this Arts-and-Crafts-inspired wall-mounted coatrack. The flat top even provides a place for gloves or keys. We built this rack from red oak, but you could use quarters awn white oak to make the project even more authenti cally Arts -and -Crafts,

Wall-hung Coatrack

Vital Statistics

TYPE: Coatrack

OVERALL SIZE: 32L by 103AH by 8D MATERIAL: Red oak

JOINERY: Butt joints reinforced with glue and screws


- Decorative end profiles duplicated using a full-size pattern

■ Screwheads concealed with 3A-ln.-dia. oak plugs

FINISH: Stain and varnish

BUILDING TIME: 3-4 hours

Shopping List

EZ #0 x 2-in. brass screws, finish washers, wall anchors (if necessary]

ITl Finishing materials

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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