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In 1996 alone, U.S. plywood manufacturers produced over 20 billion sq. ft. of softwood and hardwood plywood. Stood on edge, all those 4x8 sheets would stretch 3,700 miles—from Miami to Juneau, Alaska.

The Difference Between Woodworking And Woodnotworking.

Staples, dowels, and glue won't do. Standard-size biscuits won't fit,

So how can you make neat, tight, profossional joints even in small stock? With Ryobi's new

Detail Biscuit Joiner, that's how.

Standard biscuits stick out of small joints, and the mis-match shows, even after you trim the excess.

The new Ryobi Detail Biscuit Joiner uses miniature "Accu-biscuits" for neat, tight, professional joints.

This compact powerhouse cuts smaller slots and uses miniature

"Accu-biscuits™" to fit where standard biscuits dont. And its price is as small as its biscuits. But the Detail Biscuit Joiner is big on performance, from its beefy motor to its die-cast base and see-through fence. So new Ryobi Detail Biscuit Joiner at your local home center. It'll get your wood working like

The Ryobi Detail Biscuit Joiner does everything that a bigger tool does, and fits in small joints where a bigger tool won't.

Ryobi "Accu-blscuits1 (actual size).

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Wood Working 101

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