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Teak by Paul McClure

Teak has long been used in the Orient for both interior and exterior purposes. Centuries-old boats and houses made from the wood arc still in use today.

When Dutch spice traders arrived in the East, they used teak to patch their sea-ravaged vessels. They were so impressed by the wood's rcsistancc to saltwater and boring insects, they started teak plantations in Southeast Asia and India to supply the ship industry. Later they established plantations in Central America. Today, most of the world's teak supply comes from sustainable-yield plantations in these regions.


Teak heartwood is yellow-brown to dark brown with occasional chocolate-brown to black streaks. The yellow sapwood is removed in the country of origin. Some boards have white silica deposits in the pores; these are not considered a grading defect. Teak is coarse, wirh an oily feel.

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