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Woodworkers Have It Made

Skip the mall and head to the workshop!

Wc woodworkers really have it made—cspccially when the holidays roll around. While weary shoppers struggle in traffic jams spending hard-earned cash on mass-produced merchandise, we can relax in our work-shops, making gifts that people will treasure for years to come.

(Okay, some of us are pulling all-nighters in our basements, frantically rushing to finish presents we promised to make but didn't start until the last minute! If we're lucky, the finish will be dry enough to handle when the kids wake up at 5:00 Christmas morning!)

In any case, this issue is packed with great gift suggestions, from a deceptively simple "Cornish knot" puzzle made from dowel rod, to an heirloom furniture project—a painstakingly researched reproduction of an important 18th-century Connecticut blanket chest.

Turners will love Steve Blenk's clever ring box, a baffiing little container for rings or other small items. All it takes are a few cubic inches of wood and a couple hours of lathe time.

Or, you can decorate your way to a beautiful gift with chip carving. Master carver Wayne Barton shows you how to carve those delicate designs with just two inexpensive knives.

Another treat is Ian Kirby's "Top Drawer," step-by-step instructions for making a drawer that fits like a piston yet slides home with just fingertip pressure.

Whatever your aim or pleasure, I think you'll find plenty of inspiration in this issue, and lots of good reasons to sit out the end-of-year buying frenzy.

From all of us at Amfrican Woodworker, have a relaxing holiday season and a happy and productive new year.

Ellis Walentine Executive editor

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