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New Products from the National Hardware Show & International Woodworking Fair

The AW editors are constantly prospecting for new tools, materials and accessories. And every year, we strike gold just as summer turns to fall. That's when The Hardware Show in Chicago and The International Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Supply Fair in Atlanta take place. Both events have miles of aisles packed with new products.

Here are some hot ones that caught our attention.

List vs. retail priées: The retail price is close to the street price you'd pay at a home center or through a catalog. But some tools arc so new that retail prices haven't been established. For these tools, we've given the higher list price provided by the manufacturer.

Dial-a-Width Dadoes

Dial-a-Width Dadoes

■ Freud's new Dial-a-Width Dado set is the most innovative dado set we've ever seen. You can adjust dado width without removing the cutter from your saw's arbor, and the adjustment is extremely prccisc. The set makes it easy to "dial in" dado widths to match the odd thicknesses of sheet goods. Dadoes arc super-smooth, too—just what you'd expect from a premium stack set. (List price: $389 for 8-in. dado set) Freud USA, Inc., (800) 334-4107. Circle *633

Big Jaws

■ The large metal jaws on Gross Stabil's new Parallel Clamp stay parallel as you apply clamping pressure, to distribute the pressure evenly on flat surfaces. Replaceable plastic jaw caps prevent marring. Available in seven lengths. (List price: $52.90 for 24-in. length) Gross Stabil Corp., (800) 671-0838. Circle #634

Little Biscuits

■ Ryobi's new model DBJ50 Detail Biscuit Joiner makes it easy to create biscuit joints in small projects like jewelry boxes and picturc frames, where regular biscuits won't work. The tool's sec-through fence lets you keep the work-piece in view. The blade will cut slots for Ryobi's tiny "Accu-biscuits," which come in lengths of 5/» in., 3/4 in. and 1 in. (Retail price: $69) Ryobi America Corp., (800) 323-4615. Circle #635

Irregular Angle Clamp

Cordless Jigsaw

Tool-Free Jigsaw

Ryobi Accu Biscuits

■ Bessey's ES Irregular Angle Clamp is designed for angled glue-ups that foil conventional clamps. To make it work, you clamp the two ball-and-socket assemblies to joining pieces, then pull the joint together with a Bcsscy bar clamp. (Price: Ball-and-socket assemblies, $49.50; complete sets, including bar clamps, also available) American Clamping Corp., (800) 828-1004. Circle #636

Affordable Dust Helmet

I ■ Racal's Power Visor offers i full face protection and air filtration at a very affordable I price. A battery-powered fan I is built into the helmet to circulate filtered air over your face. The lightweight unit is comfortable enough for extended wear. (Price: SI29) Racal, (800) 682-9500. Circle #639

Tool-Free Jigsaw

■ DcWalt's new DW321K jigsaw is the first model that requires no tools to change blades or make angle adjustments. Like other high-end jigsaws, this one has variable speed control and orbital action. In addition to pivoting for bevel cuts, the baseplate can slide forward or back, so you can tailor the blade clearance to the cutting task. (Retail price: $164, including case) DeWalt Industrial Power Tools, (800) 433-9258. Circle #637

Unit 211 Circular Saw

■ Milwaukee forges ahead in the cordless market with their model 6267-21 jigsaw. Powered by a 12-volt. 2-amp-hour batter)', the saw can cut up to 35 ft. of V4-in.-thick ply on a single charge. It has Milwaukee's popular Quik-Lok™ blade-changing system. The cordless saw kit includes a fast charger, 2 batteries and case. (List price: $530) Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., (800) 414-6572. Circle #638

Diamond Sharpener for tne Drill Press

I The Versa Crinder is designed to sharpen carbide router bits and shapcr cutters using a diamond wheel chucked in a drill press. Precision adjustments for shear and hook angles are easy, and you can remove exactly the same amount of material from each cutting wing, ensuring proper geometry and balance. (Retail price: $199.95) Woodworker's Supply, (800) 645-9292. Circle #640

3-in-l Sander

■ If you don't have the space or budget for a shelf-full of specialized sanders, check out Black & Decker's Total Task Sander. By interchanging differently shaped pads, you can switch between regular orbital sanding, random-orbit sanding or detail sanding. The model R0600 sander features through-the-pad dust extraction into an on-board bag or a shop-vacuum hose. (Retail price: $70) Black Decker, (800) 762-6672. Circle »642

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Affordable Stock Feeder

■ Sunhill's model M3 "Baby" Stock Feeder brings the benefits of power feeding to small-shop machines and budgets. The M3 has many of the important features you'd find on expensive, full-size feeders: urethane rollers, variable speed (6 to 40 ft. per minute) and reversing control. It's great for use on shapers, router tables and tablesaws. (Price: $230) Sunhill, (800) 929-4321. Circle »643

Vacuum-Powered Fence

■ Attach the Vac-U-Fence to your table-saw's rip fence and you'll be able to rip stock securely without using hold-downs and featherboards. Suction is provided by a shop vacuum (not included with the fence). Holes in the fence allow the vacuum to pull the stock against the fence as you feed it through the blade. It's great for ripping very thin pieces safely and accurately. (Retail price: $179 for clear finish; S195 for colored finish) RRR Safety Products, (520) 327-1998. Circle »644 '


■ Amana's new Model Maker carbide-tipped router bits cut tiny profiles that are perfect for jewelry boxes, dollhouscs and other small projects. The MRS-1000 set of 12 bits includes plunge-type bits as well as bearing-piloted bits. All of them have '/4-in.-dia. shanks. (List price: $179.50, including wooden case) Amana Tool Corp., (800) 445-0077. Circle »641

Jet's New Cabinet Saw

■ Jet's new Xacta Saw™ earned high marks in our cabinet saw showdown. (Sec AW #49.) Now Jet offers a version with a left-tilting blade, just like the highly rated Powcrmatic 66 cabinct saw. The Xacta Saw Left™ weighs almost 50 lbs. more than the Xacta Saw Right™, thanks to a cabinct made of heavier-gauge steel. Both models come with Jet's new Xacta Fence System. (Retail price: SI,699 Left; SI,399 Right) Jet Equipment & Tools, (800) 274-6848. Circle #645

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