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This year's International Woodworking Machinery and

Furniture Supply Fair (IWF) drew more than 47.000 manufacturers, vendors and woodworking sightseers from all over the planet. american woodworker showed up in force, too. At the AW booth, contributing editor Frank Klaus/ wowed crowds with his dovetail demo—cutting perfect dovetails by hand in less than five minutes. For a look at the hottest new tools from the show, sec page 98.

Frank Klausz explains dovetail joints at IWF.


For David Stehly, carving is as relaxing as a walk in the woods. And that's where he gets the inspiration for his beautiful wildlife walking sticks.

Stehly hand-picks his stock—mostly yellow-poplar

David Stehly carves a snake walking stick from a single tree branch.

See your work online! The "reader uploads" area of AW Online makes it easy to upload images oi your own work. This jewelry chest was built and uploaded by judy Krawski


Free CAD software! Now there's an easy way lo try out woodworking design software—in our CAD software library. With "shareware" selections, you can try out commercial programs before you buy them. "Freeware" programs are yours to sample and keep. It you already have a favorite CAD program, you can also upload it for others to try.

Supercharge your search! Thanks to a new search engine, it's faster and easier than ever to search for specific articles in our online library, lust type in the keyword you want to look for. and the engine will pull up every online article in which the word appears. Simple connector words let you broaden or limit your search. It's like having a reference librarian at your fingertips.

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