second cut. For the third cut, I line up the sawn corner with one of the parallel guidelines drawn on the base of the jig. Then I repeat this procedure for the fourth cut, to produce a squared blank.

If the ends of the log are stepped or cut crooked, it's best to clamp the log with a bar or pipe clamp before making the first cut.

Steve l.avallc Lubcc, ME

Hot Water Stripping

Our shop recently had to strip an old linseed oil Finish from a large walnut dining table. Chemicals were unacceptable and scraping proved difficult. We found that after soaking one or two square feet at a time with hot water, we could use steel scrapers to remove the finish. We removed the gummy shavings from the scraper burr by running it over a block of wood. A bonus: The edge on the scraper lasted longer than when using it dry.

Jesus Michel Oakland, CA

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