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Flip-up bench stops

16 Oft A

Finishes that won't yellow


Wild walking sticks


Circular sawing made simple

WOOP FACTS Douglas fir

Page 8 Adirondack feedback

American woodworker

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Page 114 Contest finalists

Page 98 Best new tools of '9b

90 iUST FINISHING Nitrocellulose lacquer


Hottest new tools from two big shows

AW Excellence Award finalists


These sawhorses do double duty

Page 114 Contest finalists

Page 98 Best new tools of '9b

A Catalog Of Solutions

Our 236-page, full-color catalog has the widest selection of woodworking hand tools in the market. The copy in this ad is taken directly from the catalog to show you the detailed information you can expect to find about each tool.


To Order. 1-800-871-8158

Our catalog is $5 (refundable with first purchase) or fret with any purchase from this three-page ad.

N.Y. rcMdcitfv. add sales Ux.

OulKklc U.S.A .call; 1-61V5*60350c* fax:l-6l.t-39640M>

leaves a clean mark even on cross grain. The gauge is particularly easy to set since ¡1 has an internal mO" ring to keep light hut constant friction on the stem. The anodized aluminum head has a thick > brass lace and a brass thumbscrew. A very comfortable gauge to use.

AVV08 Veritas4 Wheel Martcing Gauge $18.95

C. Veritas* Sliding Square

This is a cabinetmaker's layout square. Laying out mortises and tenons, letting in hinges, transferring locations - all of these can be done faster and more accurately with this square than any other. The joy is that you always have ample reference face against your work without having to Hop the square. You can also work in two axes at once, e.g.. measuring in 2" and over I !/2" is simple, substantially reducing the possibility of error. The stainless-steel blade is 3" wide and 6" long, graduated on both edges (to 4") and across the end. It has a matte finish, which not only makes it easy to read by eliminating glare, but lets you record dimensions on it with a pencil. The diamond cut-out in the blade holds a pencil tip in position and makes it particularly easy to draw lines parallel to an edge. The locking mechanism is the traditional notched pin used on combination squares. The opposed bearing surface is a hardened steel rod, imbedded in the anodized aluminum stock. AW 10 Veritas'Sliding Square $21.95

bob. The body design also rcurate marking much easier.

You can press it against the wall as you mark a line dead center through tin: body slot.

It comes with a small windlass that holds the X' of braided nylon cord (no endless twirling, like twist cord!) and makes it easy to both adjust the cord to any length as well as have it hang exactly plumb from a nail. The cord windlass snaps into the body slot to keep the cord from unwinding or tangling. There is also a tip cover to protect the point when the Rat-Bob is in a toolbox.

Whether you use this in construction, for plumbing cabinetry, or for wallpaper jobs, it can easily pay for itself the first day. All brass fittings on a precision molded ABS body. 3W long overall. AVV05 Veritas* Flat-Bob $9.95

B. Veritas* Wheel Marking (iauge

The two main problems with a standard marking gauge is that the gauge has to be tilted just right to avoid pin chatter and. even then, the pin has a tendency to follow the grain of wood, throwing off your line. Our wheel gauge solves both problems. The hardened-steel cutter will perfectly scribe at any point of its circumference and. since the wheel is both sharp and bevelled only on the inside, it cuts through grain and forces the gauge face against the stock, maintaining accuracy. Because it cuts rather than tears, it

Lee Valley Tools and its manufacturing arm, Veritas Tools, bring you the newest products from their research and development activities.

The following 3 pages are a sample of what you can expect in the full-color, 236-page Lee Valley catalog.

Veritas* Flat-Bob

Some concepts are embarrassingly obvious once you see them in practice. So it is with the Flat-Bob. The most common use of plumb bobs is next to a wall, yet round plumb bobs roll around endlessly, making it nearly impossible to get an accurate line. The Flat-Bob doesn't roll and, because it has a very low center of gravity, it stabilizes rapidly. Because it is thin, the point is easily-visible from above, again not the case with a

Speed nut slides —* freely aod engages at corner.

♦Spetd-Clamping Nuts

These nuts arc quick-adjusting because they arc cross drilled (at first glance the hole appears to be off-center). This unique design allows you to move them along a threaded rod without turning them; their threads do not engage until they meet the clamping corner (or any obstruction). Then you tighten them. The threads disengage when you loosen the nuts, allowing the same free-sliding adjustment along the rods.

Speed nut slides —* freely aod engages at corner.

A very specialized use for pinch dog\ is when you arc ripping lumber to straighten it. Two dogs can he used to hold a crooked board to a straight one. _

A. Veritas* 4-Wav Speed Frame Clamp

The fastest-adjusting frame clamp on the market. Completely knurled for good grip, the 4 speed-clamping nuts* are designed to let you make fast adjustments, yet hold securely when you tighten them. They arc cross drilled to slide easily on the rods until they come up against a comer clamp; then their threads engage. To release them, you just have to back them off a turn or two and they are then free sliding again. The clamp includes 4 comers (strong, glass-filled nylon with brass inserts), 4 speed-clamping nuts, eight 24" long !/4 -20 threaded rods, and 4 coupling nuts. The rods and coupling nuts have a black-oxide finish. Maximum capacity is 47" square or 71 "x 23" rectangle. AW12 Veritas* Frame Clamp Set $24.95

Veritas* Chair Doctor™ Glues Chair Doctor glue docs exactly what the name implies; it fixes chairs. If a chair has a loose rung, an injection of Chair Doctor glue will first swell the rung and then bond it in position. The sccret is the low viscosity, it will soak into the end grain of wood, swell the wood and then freeze the wood in the swollen state as it cures. A film of dry glue lines the wood cells, preventing contraction. The glue can penetrate the narrowest of cracks.

Chair Doctor comes in a 2 fl oz bottle with a slim applicator lip that lets you place the glue accurately. Chair Doctor Pro includes 4 fl oz of glue, 1 syringe, and 3 sizes of blunt-tip needles. Usually, you let Chair Doctor glue seep into a loose joint, but for many loose joints, you can actually slip our finest needle alongside the tenon to the base of the socket, then inject it full of glue. For difficult repairs, you can drill a tiny hole and inject glue into a joint. With a syringe, it is easy to do a number of joints quickly and neatly. Even better, everything cleans with water so the needles and syringe are reusable.

D. Pinch Dogs

Pinch dogs arc used for assembly and for clamping. Traditionally, they were used by upholsterers as all-purpose gluing clamps. Regardless of the shape of the two pieces, as long as the dog was tapped in across the glue line, it would hold everything tight until the glue set. Patternmakers used them for column assembly. Cabinetmakers used them for assembly, clamping, and jigging. Pricing had driven these tools out of the market, but we are now having them made in substantial volume, allowing major price reductions. Sizes indicated arc overall width, tip to tip. Available in individual sizes or as a set of 18 (6 each of 3 sizes). AW20 1" Pinch Dog, pkg. of 6 $ 4.95 AW21 1W Pinch Dog. pkg. of 6 $6.75 AW22 2«/2" Pinch Dog, pkg. of 6 $ 8.75 AW23 Set 18 Dogs (all of above) $18.00

Veritas* Tools Inc. is the manufacturing arm of Lee Valley Tools Ltd. The intense research and development activities of the retail firm. Lee Valley, naturally led to the creation of Veritas1 Tool s Inc., the manufacturer.

Lee ValUy Tools Ltd12 East River Street, Ordensburg, N.Y. 13669

(¿uamntec - Wc pledge «o you the best service we can provide with personal attention and the best value on every order. If you arc noc satisfied for any reason, just return your purchase within 3 n>onths by insured parcel post to our Ogdensburg. N.Y.. address. You can choose to either exchange ihe pnxluct. or receive a complete refund (including our regular shipping charges): we will also refund your return insured parcel post cous.

E. Forstner/Saw Tooth Bits

Made exactly to our specifications, these bits took over a year to develop and refine. Bits up to 1" diameter are forstner pattern and have W round shanks. Above I ", bits are saw tooth pattern and have hex shanks - a key feature for anyone who has tried to keep large-diameter bits from slipping in a chuck.

The rim on the forstners is proud of the chippers by only .005", reducing rim heat. The saw tooth styles are true saw tooths, not forstner bits with rim notches. The teeth have a skewed shear-cut design to prevent fiber pull and to give clean holes. Both styles have slightly sloped chipping bevels so that bits ride a cone of wood to keep them boring straight. Center brads can then be shorter, increasing bit versatility in thin material. Finally, bits have been finished with extra-fine grinding wheels to reduce friction.

Overall length is 3!/2" for bits up to I \ 5" for bits from I»/»" to 2". and 6»/2" for bits over 2". These are the best value we have in bits.

AW96 Set of 7 Forstnersf $ 21.95

AW97 Box of 13 - «/4" to I" $ 44.75 AW98 Box of 16-1 to 3" $145.00 AW99 Box of 29 - all bits $179.00

> F. Dowel, Plug and Tenon Cutters

For straight plugging operations, nothing works better in the !/4" to l/2" sizes than our Snug Plug* cutters. But for larger plugs or for cutting dowels and tenons, these are the best you can get. Not only are they made to very tight tolerances and will therefore cut accurate tenons and plugs, but we spent nearly two years in a design and test process to get the cleanest possible finish and the least heat build-up while cutting.

Individual Bit Prices

Although they run cooler than any other rim hold cutler, you still have to be careful. Cutting softwoods is okay, but care has to be taken in hardwoods to avoid overheating. Regardless, the convenience of being able to cut tenons and plugs up to 3" diameter makes it all worthwhile.

Plugs 1" long or less automatically side eject. Total available depth of cut is 2". Cutters up to I" dia. have l/2" round shanks, above I", !/2" hex. For use only in a drill press.

AW55 Set of 4 Cutters* $29.95

Individual Bit Prices


Forstner Bits

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