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You can buy birch dowel rod at hardware stores and home centers, but 1 to use dowels made from denser, more colorful hardwoods. Woodworker's Supply (800-231-2748) has a good selection of dowel rod made from rosewood, walnut, chcrry and other hardwcx)ds.

No matter where you get your dowel rod, it may not match the diameter of your Forstner bit, and this can cause fitting problems when you assemble the puzzle. To ensure matching diameters, you can always turn your own dowel rod.

Making the Drilling Jig

I made the drilling jig from a single blank of hardwood measuring 3/4 in. thick, 2*/2 in. wide and 1 1 in. long. 1 sawed V-grooves in the blank on the tablesaw, with the blade tilted to 45°; then I cut the blank in half to form the jig's top and bottom pieces. (See Fig. 1.) Save the triangular waste pieces from ripping the grooves and use them to make the four stops. Glue these stops in place as shown in Fig. 1.

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