Making A Halflap Joint

First the shoulder. Cut each half-lap shoulder at 90* using a tablesaw crosscut jig. A stop block aligns the shoulder cut. Set the blade height to slightly less than half the material thickness.

Then the cheek. After bandsawing each cheek close to size, cut the lap to thickness with a tenoning jig.

tape and rout the inside curve with a 1/2-in.-dia. flush-trim bit in my router table.

Be careful of tearout when you're routing "uphill" on the curve. I take small nibbles at first to see how the wood is cutting. I also stop routing before the end of the curve, and clean up the high spot with a spokcshavc or file instead. Alternatively, you could stop the cut halfway across, flip the tem plate and rout in from the opposite end. This method is good for wild-grained or very hard wood, but it's also slower.

Finally, I scrape or sand the whole curve clean; then it's time for assembly.

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