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Woodworking can be dangerous. Safety equipment can greatly reduce your risk of injury; so can common sense and caution. Remember, if a procedure feels dangerous to you, don't try it—find a safe alternative. Your safety is your responsibility.

The World's Most Perfect Router Joints Start With Good Phone Skills.

"Certainly no production workshop should be without one of these, and the serious home craftynan will certainty Find great joy in using it." John Sainsburv's Routcr Workshop

"The Leigh Jig art through dovetails that looked identical to those cut by hand and fit as if they had been cut by a master."

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When you phone our toll-free number and order your detail-rich, complimentary 32-page Leigh catalog you're well on your way to a new level of woodworking craftsmanship. The Leigh Dovetail Jigs and growing array of accessories remain the universal benchmark for precision, easy-to-use router joinery tools. And with the addition of the Multiple Mortise and Tenon Attachment and now the NEW F1 Finger Joint Attachment, the ingenious, patented Leigh Jig System sets new standards for quality, versatility and convenience. Do what thousands of serious woodworkers worldwide have done already; call us today.

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Wood Working 101

Wood Working 101

Have you ever wanted to begin woodworking at home? Woodworking can be a fun, yet dangerous experience if not performed properly. In The Art of Woodworking Beginners Guide, we will show you how to choose everything from saws to hand tools and how to use them properly to avoid ending up in the ER.

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