Cut notch to fit over top of rail.

came up with the simple jig shown here. I cut the pieces slightly oversize and then trimmed them on my disc sander with the fence set at 45° until they fit the gauge exactly.

Charles Bcidcrman Williamsburg, VA

parallel lines on base.

Remove guide bar from miter gauge and screw to underside of V2-in. plywood.

Log-Squaring Jig

I am a carver and needed a safe way to square logs on my bandsaw. After removing the guide bar from my miter gauge, I made the jig shown here. I drilled holes through the jig so I could run drywall screws into the edge and the end of the log. After making the first cut I turn the log flat side down and make a

Glue and screw

By the book. This chest is a 7/8-scale reproduction of an 18th-century classic. The author improved on the original design by allowing tor expansion and contraction of the top.

Connecticut Blanket Chest

Build a piece of history by R.S. Wilkinson

As a furniture maker specializing in 18th-century reproductions, I'm always interested in learning more about the woodworkers who practiced their craft two centuries ago. When the Lyman Allyn Art Museum (New London. CT) ran an exhibit of work by 18th-century artisans from nearby New London county, I bought a copy of the show catalog to get a closer look. The photos, drawings and dimensions in this book provided enough information for me to build exact reproductions of the originals, including this blanket chest.

My blanket chest is a copy of one built by John Wheeler Geer of Preston, CT» around 1785. Made of tiger maple and poplar, the chest has through dovetails on its front corners, half-blind dovetails in back, and a scrolled skirt that is mitered to the case beneath a single drawer. The drawer and the lid both lock with period locksets, and the drawer opens with a pair of bail-type pulls. (Sec Fig. 1, and Drawer Construction, page 42.) ±

I made two minor changes in my reproduction. I sealed the í chest down to seven-eighths of its original size to better meet | my needs. And I opted to treat the lid molding differently. 3 Geer simply attached it with glue and nails; I made the mold- I ing detail part of the top's breadboard ends. This revision ^ allows the top ro move, while also helping to keep the lid flat. %


Beautiful wood, traditional joinery, a scrolled skirt and period hardware dress up a simple six-board chest.

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