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Double-Duty Sawhorses

An adjustable beam rises to meet the task at hand by Paul Szalach

In my small shopยป sawhorses have to do more chan just provide sawing support at a single, fixed level. With a few minor alterations, I've made the simple sawhorse into a shop workhorse.

The key to this increased versatility is an adjustable-height beam equipped with a hinged roller bar. Flip up the bar, and these horses serve as infeed and outfeed tables to cut large panels or long boards without a helper. Fold down the roller bar, and the adjustable beam enables you to do assembly or finishing work at the most comfortable height.

When they're not needed, the horses will stack out of the way. To save space, you can easily adapt the adjustable crossbeam to fit a folding horse. (See "Six Great Saw-horses," AW #52.)

I recommend building the sawhorses first and then adding the sliding components. I built my horses from some 2x4s and 3/4-in. plywood, and assembled everything with screws and glue. Mark the beam supports in 1-in. increments so you can raise or lower the support evenly. A

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