Fit the slips and bottom.

Fit the drawer slips onto the drawer bottom, and plane their top surfaces flush. (See photo, below left.) Hold each slip in position to lay out the little tenon that will anchor it in the front groove (see Fig. 4 detail), then saw the tenon.

Before you glue the slips to the drawer sides, wax their top surfaces. The wax will resist any glue squeeze-out, so it will pop right off the wood. When you glue up, use a straightedge to make sure the slips are straight, not bowed up or down. (See photo, below right.)

Slide the drawer bottom all the way to the front. You may have to adjust the fit of the side tongues. Now you can sec how to lay out and shape the rabbet at the front edge. After you've fit the front tongue, slide the bottom out and trim the slips flush with the back of the drawer.

Drawer slips add an elegantly functional detail to a fine drawer. The flush slip is the most difficult to fit because its shoulder lines show. The profiled slips have no visible shoulder lines.

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