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Andy Rae's Adirondack chair, I noticed some intriguing stops screwed to one end of Rac's workbench. (Sec AW #52» page 28, top right photo.) I'd appreciate some information on these stops and how they work.

Eric Neilsen Milpitas, CA

Andy Rae replies: I learned about these useful stops when working with contributing editor Frank Klausz. There are two stops shown in the photo; both can easily flip up above the bench surface when needed, then flip down out of the way. When in use, cither stop bears against a ccntral block that's screwed to the end of the bench. (Sec drawing.) One stop is for pushing against, as when you're cutting with a Western

Feedback on Scrollsaws

I enjoyed your review of floor-model scrollsaws (AW #54) and thought I might be able to provide a little input. About eight months ago, I purchased an Excalibur scrollsaw to rcplacc a 10-year-old saw that I outgrew. I've been using the Excalibur for at least 10 hours per week.

The Excalibur's ''parallel link" arms just about eliminate blade breakage. I recently completed two wall clocks made of V8-in.-thick ash, walnut, and red oak. Each had more than 300 internal cuts and I can remember breaking only four blades. Two of the blades broke after only a few seconds, so 1 suspect they were defective. On the rare occasions when a blade breaks, the foot switch (which was included free with the saw) allows me to stop the saw before damage to the workpiece can occur.

It takes me less than 10 scconds to insert and retension the blade for an internal cut and less than one minute handsaw. The other works the opposite way, holding the work when you need to cut on the pull stroke, as when you're using a Japanese saw. I made my stops from some rosewood scraps V8 in. thick to change blades, so the blade-changing system really works well, as you reported in your test.

The other feature I really like is the saw's direct-current (DC) motor. 1 sometimes like to saw at speeds of just 100 strokes per minute, and I can cut at this speed with no noticeable loss of power. The DC motor is such an asset that 1 do not think 1 would purchase a scrollsaw without one. Thanks for publishing a great magazine!

Tom Bourg Baton Rouge, LA

Good Storage Solutions

Paul Anthony's article on wood storage (AW #54) gave me just the motivation I needed to organize the growing pile of lumber in my basement workshop. I built a rack similar to Anthony's, with one small modification. I added a piece of '/4-in. plywood under each row of supports to store small pieces. Building the storage rack did create a new prob and 1 in. wide. Other strong hardwoods will work equally well. To make your stops work smoothly, place a nylon washer over the shank of each pivot screw, between the stop and the bench.

lem: Now I have much more floor to sweep. Thanks for a wonderful magazine. Keep those great tips and plans coming!

Andy Highberger Marysville, OH

A Marriage Saved

Not long ago, my wife went out with some of her friends, leaving me at home with her father and brother. We ordered a few pizzas for dinner, placing the extremely hot boxes on our dining-room table. After dinner, we removed the boxes to find some horrible white spots in the table's finish. We tried to wipe them off, but couldn't. Thinking quickly and shuddering at the thought of my wife's reaction to the situation, I logged on to America Online and went to the American Woodworker page.

Sure enough, after a quick look through the message boards, I had my answer. A quick application of alcohol (to the table, not me) and a little

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