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wood fibers on the bottom of the box's sides, I create a wood "gasket* that seals the bottom against the sides once the box is filled with water. (See sidebar, right.)

Putting the pond to work—Cut two wooden blocks and insert them under your watcrstonc so that the stone is raised slightly above the edges of the box. Then handsaw two wedges and push them into position to lock the stone between the sides of the box. (See Using the Pond, above.)

To use the sharpening station, set the box on a sturdy surface—a bench works fine—so the surface of your watcrstonc is roughly level with your waist. This height gives you good control and lets you use your upper body weight to bear down onto the tool you're sharpening. 1 keep my stone wet and clean during sharpening with a homemade mop, which I make by folding a rag and tacking it to the end of a dowel. A

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