Wall Mirror

To join the frame members, cut the halt-laps first, then template rout the inside curve of the top rail. Rout the outer curve after glue-up.



che scrip co line up with the three poincs, hold ic in place wich somcching heavy ac each point, and trace the outer curve. Then I slide down 2'/4 in. and trace the inner curve.

5 A Template for the Top Rail

| I make a template of the top rail from a

* plate serves a couple of useful functions:

i It's easier to make a smooth curve on j hardboard than on the wood itself, and

5 if I want to build the piece again, I have

5 the pattern.

I rough-cut the template on the band-

= saw, then sand close to my lines using

6 my homemade spindle sander. To devel-5 op the final form, I use a spokeshave, | chccking the curves by hand and eye.

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