page ECON-ABRASIVES: We custom-73 make abrasive belts up to 52" wide in C j rc J p any grit Our new catalog contains hun-- dreds of abrasives, phis safety equipment, Velcro-backed discs, clamps, ghie, drawer slides, hinges.


17 spor's Sanding Catalogue: Quality Qlrzlt sanding and finishing products for the professional or hobbiest Free $5 gift cerlif cate in each catalogue.

Page PERFORM AX: Get to the finish line 15 faster with a Performax drum sander.

Circle Don 1 ^P*1*1 to*"-ยป a l^and-lveld belt sander. Sand ultra-wide stock ultra smooth in just minutes. Models start at $300 to $3,495. $1.00.

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