Biesemeyer Blade Guard

The Biesemeyer Blade Guard is a sturdy, lightweight unit that is easy to move around. The blade cover is suspended from a telescoping arm which bolts to the far edge of a right-side extension table (not included). (The guard also mounts to an optional floor stand, and an optional ceiling mount is also available.)

The metal-and-Plexiglas blade cover offers good visibility. You can move the blade cover side to side to position it precisely, but movement in this direction is limited to 8 in. and you

have to walk to the end of the support arm to crank a fine-threaded adjustment screw. I found this tedious and eventually removed the crank screw entirely so I could simply slide the cover assembly by hand, then lock it in place with the knob on the telescoping arm.

The blade cover will lock 8 in. above the table to provide access for jigs and cutoff boxes. For cuts that

The Biesemeyer Made guard is counterweigh ted. so it's easy to feed a hoard under the cover when starting a cut.

require more clearance, such as finger joints on the end of a long board, you can remove the blade-cover assembly and get 17 in. of clearance above the table, or slide out the cover assembly and telescoping arm for unlimited clearance.

The blade cover on the Biesemeyer has just 2'/4 in. of inside clearance, making it the narrowest of all the guards. 'ITiis limits its capacity for 45° bevel cuts so that if vou trv to cut 45°

Street Price: S365 (Optional keyed alarm system: $30)

Maximum Rip Width: 50 in. to right of blade (26. 38. and 62 in. available);

unlimited left of blade.

•Splitter not included.

•Mounts to right-side extension table.

Biesemeyer Manufacturing Corp.

(800) 782-1831 cncxF. *<r bevels on stock thicker than 1 % in., the blade will cut into the cover. On the plus side, I found I could adjust the blade cover to safely rip stock as narrow as % in. (To cut such thin stock I had to use a tall, thin push stick.) Also, the blade cover is coun-terweighted, which makes it easy to feed the end of a board under the cover when starting a cut.

The Biesemeyer Blade Guard docs not include a splitter or anti-kick-back pawls.

The Excalibur guard ofTers dust collection, though it didn't prove very effective in tests.

Street Price: $239

Maximum Rip Width: 50 in. right of blade; unlimited left of blade. •Splitter not included. •Mounts to right-side extension table and floor. Excalibur Madline & Tool Co. (800) 387-9789 ana*

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