Brettguard Model

The Brett-Guard Model 10A-M50 uses the same type of acrylic blade cover as the smaller 10A-L (sec above), but its 5-in. by 1 1 -in. cover is suspended from a telescoping support arm.

Although it's more expensive than

The Brett-Guard 10A-.M50 Iuih an optional auxiliary "panic" button mounted to the guard to »top the Haw-in an emergency.

the other blade guards, this unit impressed me as the most heavy-duty of the lot. Two metal rods and a vertical metal plate connect the blade cover to a control unit which is mounted at the end of the telescoping arm. The steel support arm bolts to a right-side extension tabic which is not included (or to the Biesemeycr back mil on my saw). Brett supplies mounting plates for most saws.

The control unit lets you adjust the blade cover sideways and vertically.

Street Price: $435

Maximum Rip Width: 53 in. right of blade (27 in. also available); unlimited left of blade.

• Anti-kickback plate and splitter included.

•Mounts to riglit-side extension table.

HTC Products

(800) 624-2027 ijucii!-610

And the entire control unit/blade cover assembly will rotate up and out of the way, providing enough clearance to change a blade.

There's about 6 in. of clearance between the control unit and the saw table, which was plenty of room for my crosscut boxes.

As with the smaller Brett-Guard, you can position the cover to rip very narrow pieces and also use the cover to guide vertical stock against the fence.

The splitter and anti-kickback device are the same as on the smaller Brett-Guard, with die same limitations.

The Brett-Guard 10A-M50 offers an optional key-operated interlock that prevents the saw from starting unless the blade cover is in place, or locks up the saw to prevent unauthorized use. As part of the interlock system, you gel a handy "panic" button that mounts to the control unit and cuts power to the saw in an emergency. Dust collector hookups are available.

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