By David Ellsworth

These salt and pepper shakers arc well within the grasp of the intermediate turner, though they're a cliailenge.

I've designed some templates that make it simple to produce a perfect sphere, and you can make the small tools for working the inside from alien wrenches and old screwdrivers. (Sec sidebar, page 41.)_

The elegant design of these shakers comes from the purity of the spherical forms, the use of beautiful wood and the offset holes, which add some personality to the forms. This pair is made from two 3-in. cubes of cocobolo, but most fairly dense woods will do. (If you've never turned hollow forms with bent tools, you may wish to practice widi inexpensive materials first.)

Making the Shakers

As the drawings in Fig. 1 show, you turn the stopper from the right end of the turning blank and then make the shaker from the remainder of the blank, turning the interior walls to '¿-in. thickness.

Selection of material is important if you want the grain pattern in both shakers to match. You can book-match the grain by ripping a thick billet in lialf, so one shaker is a mirror image of the other. Alternatively, to align the grain side by side, you can crosscut a long billet in half.

To mount each blank for turning, you glue it to a waste block and then thread the waste block onto a screw chuck on the lathe. I use a Glaser screw chuck (Model »88, available from Craft Supplies USA, 1287 K. 1120 S., Provo, UT 84601, 801-373-0917). Prepare your blanks for mounting by selecting the surfaces which will appear at the top of the shakers (you'll want faec grain here, not end grain) and planing them flat with a hand plane. If you are starting with flat blanks of an oily wood like cocobolo, scrape the blanks with a cabinet scraper or wide chisel, since any oil on the surface will hinder a good glue joint.

Now, mark the center point on the opposite facc widi a sharpened nail or awl. This hole will receive die point of the tailstock live ccnter to align the blank when gluing to the waste block.


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