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concentrate on mirrors made from a single piece of wood.)

If you're only making one mirror, you can lay out your shape directly on the stock. But for my production runs,

Plexigla* template* help you make the l>est u*e of wood grain and figure when laying out the mirror parts.

I've developed templates for laying out the glass recess and the mirror body, and I use a hinged routing template (see photos, opposite page) to rout the glass recess.

The template for the recess is just a piece of Plcxiglas cut to a 5'/ein.-dia. circle. To make the mirror-body template, I drew the outline of the body, bandsawed it out and smoothed the edges. Plexiglas lets you see the wood underneath, helping you make the best use of grain and figure. But thin pieces of Masonitc or plywood will also work fine.

Making the Mirror

I plane my stock to about %-in, thickness and then lay out the glass

Hinged Circular Template Pics
For production runs, author lays mirror blanks under the opening in a hinged circle template, then clamps the template to hold the hoard and routs the mirror recess.

recess first with the circle template. Next, I center die mirror-body template over the layout line for the glass recess and draw the outline of die body. (Sec photo, opposite page.)

Now I can clamp the mirror blank under my hinged template as shown in the photos above. The template has a 2x4 plate screwed to the bottom which lets me mount it quickly in my bench vise. For production runs, I draw the shapes of several mirrors on a long board, then clamp them under the hinged template board to rout several recesses in succession.

You can make a simpler routing template if you only intend to do a handful

Cut out the mirror hody on the handsaw, then round over and smooth the edges.

of mirrors. Just use a piece of plywood that's thick enough to accommodate your router's template guide bushing. Remember to size the template circle with the offset of your guide bushing in mind. Also, you want the glass recess to end up about % in. wider in diameter than the mirror glass, to allow for wood movement.

To rout the recess for the mirror, mount the template to the stock by screwing through the scrap surrounding the mirror blank. I work with a straight bit set for a -Vin.-deep cut and waste the stock inside the template, i clean out the chips, then make the final cut, running the template guide firmly mMWGITFlMKtOHtWN

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