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(Pre-Kodak Prws Issues)

_Winter, 1987. III. fix 4: Deccratis* Tbrninj Lathe


(Kodak- Prtm Iww)

_#4 October 1988 Hcathing VJbod. Resting

_#5 Decetrfeer 1988: Ounpc Rruterv Aniline Dyes

_#8 June 1989: G*ner Cupboard. Filing Crfinet

_#9 Augu* 1989. TiWcsaw T\ur-Up, Windier Cradle

_#IOOcmber 1989: Tod Cabinet Gluts

_#11 December 1989: Shaker Braw, 2-Sided Easel

_#12 Hebmary 1990 Roukt Baucx ftneris Tibfc

_#13 April 1990. Turned BinSuaea* Sut Mortiser

_#14 June 1990 Tabtew» CuaciT Boa. Mtuam Armchair

_ #15 Auyux 1990. Carving LctKrv Quih IUà

_# 16 October 1990. Vfcnecr Preaa, Sharpening

_#21 August 1991: Backyanl Lumber Making. 4-ftattr

_#22 October 1991: Dr**r Makmg. Having Comer


_#23 December 1991: Rkling Locumrtive. Stf-Tbp Desk

_#24 February 1992: W,nd«r Owr, Router Table

_#26 June 1992: Tail Clock Pan 2. AnftW [XmuiIv

_#27 Auguxt 1992: Shaker Sewing Stand. Tiny TUmir^p

_#29 December 1992: Ilk-Top Ttfie. Combo Machina

_#30 Rfarouy 1993: Stop tjghtxng. lUnot Tifcie

_#31 April 1993 Chop S«w SUtwi. Mirror

_#32 June 1993: Am A Crafts Cabinet. Carbide Saw Bodes

_#33 August 1993: Flung; Routen. Bedroom Suite


(ladudet Sbi jn*sjy

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