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blocks behind the feet (see detail in Fig. 1), using hot hide glue and nibbing the blocks in place until the glue set. Then I relieved the inside edges of the blocks with a chisel to make them less obtrusive.

Top and Crown Molding

The cherry top is a duplicate of the original and is attached to the sub-top with nails. (See Fig. 1.) Before fastening the top, 1 sealed the underside with three coats of shellac to minimize warping.

The crown molding on the original was one piece, but I decided to make a two-piecc crown so I could use standard router bits in my router table. (See Fig. 2.) I nailed the moldings to the carcase and used glue only on the front moldings and the front portion of the side moldings. If you glue the side moldings along their entire length, cross-grain wood movement could cause the sides to split.

Making the Door

The original door had split because the maker hadn't allowed the center panel to move along the breadboard ends. To prevent my panel from cracking. I made the mortises in the breadboard ends Vi in. wider than the tenons in the panel, and I glued only the hinge side of the tenons into the breadboard ends, while blind-pegging the tenons in elongated holes at the lock side. (See-Fig. 4.) To make sure that glue from the pegs didn't lock the tenons in place, I tapped the pegs in dry until they were just through the tenons, applied a little glue around the pegs, and drove them home.

The inlay on the door's face is !*• in.-wide holly veneer, '¿«in. thick. I cut die groove for the banding with a '¿-in. cutter in a Dremel Moto-tool Fitted with a router base and edge guide, making the groove slightly shallower than the veneer's thickness so the inlav would

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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