Excalibur Overarm Bladecover

- Excalibur Overarm Bladecover I is made of steel and Plexiglas. It Ls JL suspended from a supporting arm made of steel tubing. The tubing clamps in a steel fl<x)r stand dtat bolts to both the end of a right-side extension table (not included) and to die floor, making this a rather permanent setup.

Like the Biesemeyer guard, the Excalibur blade cover is counterbalanced so it's easy to feed a board under the edge of the cover. You can lock the cover 7 in. above the table to gain access for measurements around the blade or to use a cutoff box. Hie blade cover adjusts left and right the whole length of the support arm. so you can move it far to the right to get it completely out of the way if necessary (though you'd need to disconnect the dust collection hose).

With a 3'/ein. inside width and 15-in. length, this blade cover is the longest of the lot. I had no clearance problems when I cranked the saw blade up to

The Excalibur guard ofTers dust collection, though it didn't prove very effective in tests.

full height at a 45° angle. Also, the profile of the cover rises at the back, which leaves plenty of room for a splitter (not included) and gives you a clear view of the area around the blade.

On the down side, the cover's extra width interfered with the miter gauge when crosscutting from the left side of the blade.

For dust collection, a flexible hose connccts the blade cover to the hol low support arm, which acts as a conduit for suction. (Sec photos.) As good as this may sound, 1 found that even my 5-IIP dust collector only picked up a portion of the sawdust coming off the blade.

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