Pinless Moisture Meter ^

Most moisture meters have pins that leave holes in the wood, plus they only measure the small section of wood between the pins. The Wagner L606 moisture meter overcomes these drawbacks by using electromagnetic waves tliat penetrate up to 1 in. into the wood under the 1 '¿-in. by 2K-in. sensor, measuring moisture content accurately from 6 to 30 percent.

Since the meter measures moisture in a larger volume of w(kk1 than pin-type meters, it won t be fooled by unusually wet or dry individual wood fibers. And by moving the meter over the wood, you can scan an entire board in seconds. Also, unlike most other moisture meters, the Wagner L606 is unaffected by the temperature of the w(xxi, so you don't have to make temperature corrections to get precise readings. (Price: $225) ukui -<,»» Wagner Electronic Products, Dept. AWT, 1750 Anderson Creek Rd., Talent, OK 97540, (MX)) 944-7078.

Versatile Clamp Has ^ Large Capacity

Leverclamp improves on the principle of the standard toggle clamp wiih a clamping jaw that adjusts instantly to hold stock from lA in. to 4 in. thick. The secret is in the clamping arm, which slides up and down a shaft and locks in place with the turn of a thumbscrew. You can adjust the clamping force up to a maximum of 300 pounds. And once set, the clamp will exert the same force on any piece regardless of thickness.

You can fasten Leverclamp permanently to a bcnchtop, jig or machine table with a Vio-in. bolt, or run the mounting bolt in a T-slot to quickly reposition the clamp anywhere along the slot. (Price: $39.95) MapleTek Engineering, Dept. AWT, 10 lb Number 5 Morse Are., Sunnyvale, Oi 94089, (8(H)) 425-2677.

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