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What attracts people to woodworking: The satisfaction of making something by hand? The pride in the finished piece? Yes, those elements are important, but there's something else as well, as we saw when interviewing the winners of our second annual Excellence in Craftsmanship awards. The predominant comment from these winners, pros and amateurs alike, was that they were drawn to the craft because of the medium itself—no other substance has the look and texture of wood, and no other craft offers the exhilaration you get from simply shaping a beautiful piece of wood.

It's clear our winners aren't alone in their reverence for woodworking or in the skill they bring to the craft. There were so many quality pieces among the nearly 1,000 entries in this year's competition that we were sorely taxed to separate the winners from the runners-up.

We congratulate those who placed in this year's contest and thank everyone who entered for inspiring us with the quality of their work. A

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Wood Working 101

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