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makes furniture and restores antiques in Pluckemin, New Jersey. //is video, WooJ Finishing, is available from 7la Taunton Press

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A Onfall ¡n too far gone wlirn there arc» deep and wide cracks, large areas of finish missing, and blemishes in the wood itself. The old finish must 1m* stripped l>eforc restoration can l»e done.

increase the pressure and rub hard with straight strokes until your pad dries out. When the finish is smooth as glass and shiny as a mirror, you're done. To get into tight spots like carvings, use a small brush dipped lightly in finish, and build the finish with small dabs from the brush. For small areas like edges, make occasional long strokes with the pad, then go back to a larger area and continue padding.

When I'm done padding. I store the pad in a glass jar with a light lid, ready for the next job. The only thing that needs changing is the outer wrapping if it wears a hole. I have pads over 20 years old.

When to Strip the Finish

Sometimes the techniques I've described so far won't work, and removing the finish Ls your only option. If bare wood is showing through wide cracks or missing finish (sec-photo at left), re-knitting the finish may not work. If there are deep scratches that penetrate the finish and mar the wood, or if the wood is discolored below the finish, you'll need to remove the old finish to get at the wood for repair. Either way, removing the finish is your only option.

I rccommcnd using paint stripper to remove the finish rather than

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

This handsome mirror, which completes the bedroom suite (inset photo), can also hang on its own—the design is soft-spoken enough to complement a variety of furniture styles.

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