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Like Having A Lumberyard Right in Your Shop!

NOW! Plane, Mold, Sand & Saw... with Infinitely Variable Power-Feed!

Put this versatile power-feed tool to work in your own shop. See how fast it pays for itself! Quickly converts low-cost rough lumber into valuable finished stock, quarter-round, casing, base mold, tongue & groove. . .all popular patterns.. . even custom designs!

NEW! Variable Feed Rate

Now, just a twist of the dial adjusts your planer from 70 to over 1000 cuts-per-inch! Produces a glass-smooth finish on tricky grain patterns no other planer can handle. Converts to Drun Sander or Gang Rip Saw in under five minutes.

Woodmaster Tools, Inc., Dept. PY19 1431 N. Topping Ave., Kansas City, MO 64120

Pin Torture

with (he "Wood-Friendly Wagner L606 Moisture Meter

I Deep Penetrating. Pjnfncc IComenert Pccfccl Sizu ITheFrstMoature Meier erf Its K>r>a Under S200


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Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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