Futon Frame Plans

Twin Size

Full Size

American Clamping Corporation

P.O. liox 399. Balavin. N Y. I »021 1-800-828-100 » l ax 716 3-II-002S

Crier Catalog 52 FREE «> «harder Ideal fcir wmJI bedroorm <r crikp: dorms flruir indicate SryU A or B S.F. Designs ot Ml, 797 W. Rem* Rd. Dqx avv-6, Ml Pleasant. Mi 48858

Classified Rates: $82.60 for 15 words or less; $£¿0 each additional word. Display Classified Rates: Available upon request-

Wood & Tbol Exchange Rates: $7.00 per line, 3 line minimum. Only lor individual use.

Glaring Date: December 15,1903 for the March/April 1994 issue. Tferms: Payment to accompany order, or use Visa/MC.

All advertising offers are understood to carry a money back guarantee by advertisers. All copy subject to approval. Advertisements received after the closing date will be scheduled in the next available issue.

Send Advertising Copy and Payment Tb:

AMERICAN WOODWORKER, Diane Wallbillich, 33 East Minor Street, Emmaus, 1* 18098. (215) 967-8123.


HIDE GLUE: All grades including wood sizing and glass chipping. BJORN INDUSTRIES, INC., 551 King Edward Road, Charlotte, NC 28211. (704)364-1186.

Help Wanted

CARPENTERS-With tools, transportation, references. We have 8 to 26 week assignments in Miami area. Housing plus $9-$12/hour. Five years experience required. (800) 846-6033.


OREGON WALNUT: Highest quality, wide matched sets. Vertical grain and figured. Kiln dried. NORTHWEST TIMBER, P.O. Box 1010, Jefferson, OR 97352. (503) 327-1000.

TURNING BLOCKS: Burls/crotches. Imported & domestic hardwoods & veneers. 50 + species. Brochure 51.00. S.A.S.E.: WOOD PLY LUMBER-AS, 100 Bennington Ave., Free port, NY 11620. (516) 378-2612.

BEST BUTTERNUT ANYWHERE: 4/4-16/4, 4"-16" wide. Other quality hardwoods. Clear white pine up to 24* wide. Free price list. TUCKAWAY TIMBER CO., Lyme, NH 03768. (603) 795-4534.

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Gutar Bock A SUM $)0SP*fS«t rrvtooanJ Banta GiMar S <250. Acaztc Baa S17JO

HAWAIIAN KIAWt ffuftr ft** » WW 2D

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