Hand Tools

Page ADJUSTABLE CLAMP: Order your 87 catalog to find out more about our Circle w»de variety of Jorgensen, Pony and j j.j Adjustable clamps, plus heavy and light-duty vises.

Page AMERICAN CLAMPING: American 77 Clamping Corporation Is the Ui>. mar-

Circle ^t>tor *or wor^'s largest clamp -jg maker, Bcssey. Bessey products include high-quality clamps for all aspects of woodworking.

Page COLT CLAMP COMPANY: In busi-85 ness since 1881, Colt uses all American Circle materials and workmanship and offers 27 a lifetime warranty on all our products. Make Colt Clamp a logical choice.

Page HARRIS TOOLS: Fine handmade 77 tools. High quality, lifetime guarantee. Circle Tools are refined interpretations of j j j classic designs with technological improvements for the moder j\ craftsman.

Page LIE-NIELSON TOOLWORKS: Mak-86 ers of heirloom quality hand tools. Circle Free brochure of growing collection ... of handmade bronze planes and other tools. Call: 800327-2620.

Page POOTATUCK: Lion Miter Trimmer 26 makes your mitering easy. This cast Circle iron/steel tocJ has razor sharp knives mounted on a sliding carriage to trim hard or soft wood, at 45° to 90°.

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