Hollowing The Interior

STEP 1: Hollow Interior below centerllne with bent screwdriver tool.

Undercut top and bottom of stopper.

base of shaker to make room for stopper.

Undercut top and bottom of stopper.


Drill 3/32-ln.-dia. hole and "*—'—J— with hooked tool.

Next, make a waste block from a 1 '¿-in.-thick, 3-in.-squarc block of finegrained, nonresinous scrap material such as maple or walnut. Mount it on the screw chuck and turn the block to a cy linder, then face the surface dead flat with a gouge or scraper. To check for flatness, press the side of the gouge to the face of the block while it's spinning. This will burnish the wood where there are liigh spots. Trim away the burnished spots, then press the hand-planed surface of the workpicce to the spinning surface of the waste block. Again, high spots will appear as rings on die waste block. (Sec photo, above.) Scrape these until the surface is dead flat.

I glue the turning

When flattening the waste block, press the work piece against it w hile the waste hlock is turning. High spots will ap(>ear as burnished rings.

blank to the waste block with Mgap-fill-ing" Super Glue, using Hot Shot accelerator to speed the bond (both available from Craft Supplies USA, 801-373-0917). Caution: Make sure you spray accelerator on any glue that drips from the joint, before turning on the lathe. Otherwise, you could end up coated with the glue that spins off the blank. In addition, fumes from cyanoacrylate glues—especially those from accelerated glue—may cause severe headaches and/or dizziness. Be sure to work in a opening same diameter as sphere.

Cut two expansion slots in each side of

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