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The Accu-Miter*

is a professional miter gauge that makes perfect angles easily: Shot-pin action assures dead-on accuracy for common angles — plus a precise protractor scale for SK^

everything in


Optional accessories: manual clamp-pneumatic damp-3/8" x 3/4" miter bar-

Precision Woodworking Equipment

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Miniatures Fit For a Maestro

They may not play a tunc, but otherwise Ban Kennedy's miniature pianos are true-to-scale reproductions of real Baldwins. The inspiration for this "grand" avocation came naturally to Kennedy, who has played the piano since childhood and was trained as a music teacher.

Each miniature takes Kennedy two to three months to make. The body for this piano came from a basswood 2x12, rcsawn to % in. wide, and sanded smooth with a Ferformax drum sander. Case rims are made just like the full-size ones: the wood is bent around a form, clamped and baked to retain its curved shape. Kennedy casts the metal parts in pewter and brass; the keys are made from resin.

Kennedy's talent hasn't gone unnoticed: he has the Baldwin Company's permission to use their logo on his pianos, and his miniatures have traveled with full-size Baldwins to a piano and organ convention. And in 1990, he received the Miniaturist of the Year Award for the state of Texas. Here's one master miniaturist who deserves a hearty "Bravo!"

Talk alxml miiiuII wonders! Thin concert grund |muiio in just 9 in. long.



" Woodworking

I wouldn t mi/ it puts me un Jcr duress hut I shudder a little when I see the drill press, and the piles of wood so smooth and raw and I anticipate the roar of the radial saw he s off on another woodworking caper he s stockpiling screws, and nails, an J sandpaper he s good, very careful always—safety in mind / more co and yet I find and I shouldfeel more comfortable that while he's pemsing the hardware store looking at clamps I m off to the post office to buy more stamps he's planning to say 'look what I made I'm making sure our insurance is paid.

—Crystine Mervis

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