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Ted's Woodworking Plans

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amateur woodworkers.

Page CLAYTON MACHINE: Spindle 12 sander with up and down oscillating Circle str°fce flawless contour sanding, -j Featuring nine quick change spindle sizes from '/*" to 4* diameter. Seven models.

Page DELTA: Complete line of quality 25 woodworking machinery and accesso-Circle r*e® for industry, construction trades, 57 301 schools and home workshops. Innovative, reliable tools at affordable prices. 800438-2486.

Page ENLON IMPORT CORP.: The best 69 deals for your woodworking needs. A Circle larlic selection of fine woodworking machinery, tools and accessories for your home and business workshop. Free catalog: 800-888-9697.

Page EXCALIBUR MACHINE CORP.: gg Drum sanders, 12" to 37". Industrial Circle quafty f()r serious amateurs and pro-g j fess k malx Delivers prec Isk >n sand i ng performance to small & medium shops. Made in U.S.A

Page FEIN POWER TOOLS: Built for 9 tough, unique applicants. Fein in-Circle vt?nted the world's first power tool in 1805. For those who demand more from their power tools than low price. 800-441-9878.

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Wood Working 101

Wood Working 101

Have you ever wanted to begin woodworking at home? Woodworking can be a fun, yet dangerous experience if not performed properly. In The Art of Woodworking Beginners Guide, we will show you how to choose everything from saws to hand tools and how to use them properly to avoid ending up in the ER.

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