Cover FREUD: Premfc* line of carbide-

4 tipped sawtiades, router bits, shaper Page cutters and other wcmxlworking tools.

13 Freud offers a full line of anti-kickback Circle carbkic-lippcd router bits. Ask for free,

Page GILLIOM MFG.: Build your own

9 power Ux>ls and save! 12" and 18* band-Circle «aws. tahlesawH, shaper, t>elt sander, j lathe, an<l lathe/dri 11 press. Metal parts kits with simple step-by-step plans.

Page GRANBERG INTERNATIONAL: 26 Manufacturer of quality line of chain Circle saw accessories, including Fi le-N-Joint and Break-N-Mend. Write or call: P.O. Box 425, Richmond. CA 94807,415-237-2099.

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