Page WAGNER ELECTRONICS: Hand-12 held moisture meters. Low-cost, accu-Circle rate "wood friendly" solutions to "old-2 fashioned pin-torture" meter*. Deep penetrating, pin-free moisture measurement. 800-944-7078.


Page AM ANA TOOL CORP.: Solely dedi-

15 catedto providing the finest quality cut-Circle ,ooLs in w°rid: carbide-tipped «2 router bits, saw liades. dado sets, rosette cutters, boring bits, shaper cutters. and planer knives.

Page CASCADE TOOI-S: New 1994 catalog

11 is packed full of afford ably priced in-Circle dustrial grade SY brand router bits and ^ shaper cutters. Also see many new hard-to-find woodworking accessories.

Page CMT TOOLS: Send for CMTs full-3 color, 32-page router bit catalog and Circle $ve >xxl a ^ discount on your 9 first order! CMT bits feature anti-kickback design. TV Hon coati ngs and microgram carbide cutting edges.

Page EAGLE AMERICA: New 1994 cata-26 log includes router bits, shaper cutters. Circle fc,rslJK?r plug cutters, rosettes, ^ counterbores and sinks, brad point drills and many hard-to-find items.

Page EVERLASTSAW: "The Made in g4 A merica" blade—Everlast manufac-Circle lures excellent quality carbide blade« «j for corian, melamine. plexiglass, aluminum. wood & special applications. Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Page FORREST: Get ready-to-glue joints, 75 right off your tablesaw with our Wood-Circle wori<er II Hade. No more bottom sptin-. r teri ng. scratchy saw cuts or Wade ' changing. $119.800-733-7111; in NJ (201) 473-5236.

Page MAGNATE: Full line of tofxjuality

9 carbide-tipped router bits and cutters. Circle Free catalog available. Dealer inquiries g^ welcome.

Page MLCS: New 32-page catalog features 21,73 hundreds of high-quality carbide-Circle t'PP«1 router hits, shaper cutters, solid 7 g carbide bits, professional wood'worki ng ' products. Prompt service guaranteed.

Page CHARLES G.G. SCHMIDT & CO.: 16 Manufacturer/distributor of high-qual-Circle >ty cutters, knives, and bits for shaper*, moulders, planers and routers. Custom tools and knives a specialty. Serving woodworkers since 1926.



77 lisher specializing in woodworking. Circle Current catalog includes books on j00 stairbuilding, joinery, wood turning, shaper and more. Send $1.00.

Page MANNY'S: Our 64-page color catalog 27 lias the most complete selection of Circle wo°d working books and videos any-20| where. We also carry Freud sawbiades and router bits, Freeborn shaper cutters and fine English hand tools.

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