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You can !, because these new blades are absolutely quwt and vibration-free. All other blades vibrate. If you don't believe us. take the blade you're currentty using, hold it by the arbor and tap it with a pen or penal Hear the ringing noise7 That's the vibration, the same thing that nappens when you make a cut. Now, tap the blade on this page No reaty — try it* That s what our new blade sounds ike

Vibration does more than just make ' f^<}'7

noise It causes teeth to dull faster \

and makes the cut less precise. So I I

how do we eliminate vibration? We T T

laser cut patented anti-vibration reeds nght mto the Wade body. The sound gets trapped in the reeds and there "

you have it. no vibration

- Not only s the the quietest blade, but the most precise Why? Vibration causes m era chipping on the edge of fV- the workptece and the kerf width to vary. We've also incorporated ) Freud's innovative new Square 'J " Tooth™ design — by taking the same _1 amount of carbide as m our otner blades and reshaping the tooth to make it thicker and shorter A shorter tooth is less flkety to follow the gran of the wood, thus permitting a more precise cut. A thicker tooth w* also yield more sharpenings. extending the life of the blade. Also, our Titanium super micro-grain carbide lasts longer between sharpenings than other manufacturers' carbde

A higher tooth angle prevents ~~

spbntenng and chopmg. So we PI' H *

increased the bevel angle tor each ! 1 -

blade to give you a splinter-free cut

woodworking project: 40 looth ATB «<* -- -..r *»•.- , general purpose. 60 tooth tnple chip for man-made materials, and 80 tooth 1

ATB crosscvtting

So there you have it. A new blade so advanced, that it will change woodworking forever! Go see your locaJ dealer and ask them to lei you tap our blade It realy is that good

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Sticking Router Bits

Q Every time I use my plunge router, the bit sticks so tightly in the collet that I have to tap it out with a piece of wood and risk shattering the carbide tips. What can I do to keep the bit from sticking?

Gurnee Barrett Greenville, TN

A Often router bits stick because pitch and wood resins have built up inside the collet. Cleaning the collet with 00(H) steel wool and oven cleaner should help reduce sticking. Wliile it's a good idea to place a drop of oil on the outside of the collet to keep it from sticking, don't oil the inside of the collet, or you risk the bit loosening during routing.

A bit will also stick if it has a galled or scored shaft. To remedy this problem, remove any high spots with a mill file.

If these steps don't solve your problem, you can usually use one of the following methods to remove a bit without damaging the carbide: If the head of the bit is larger than the .shank, cut a ~\T in a thin piece of scrapwood and use this "fork" to lever between the nut and the top of the cutter's flute. If tliis doesn't loosen the bit, or the head of the bit isn't big enough to apply a lever, clamp the cutter in a wooden-jawed vise and turn the router shaft with a wrench until the bit loosens. (On routers with shaft locks, simply engage the lock and rotate the router.) Finally, if you lightly tap the collet nut or the shank of the bit where it exits the collet, you can usually loosen the bit without harming it.

Pat Warner Furniture mater Escondido, CA

Wood en Gears

/^vl'vc been making wooden

V^ gears by laminating three or four u5n pieces of stock together, orienting each layer at right angles. Is tliis

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