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Driving Screws

These high-perfor-mancc, German-made screws require less driving torque, yet have higher holding power than ordinary screws. The secret is in a synthetic coating that lubricates the screw and a series of tiny serrations on the threads near the tip. The scrcw head has a Pozidrive (improved Phillips) recess for a better grip, and the shank is tough enough to penetrate many materials without predrilling or breaking. These screws are suitable for use in hard and soft wood, chipboard, plywood and MDF. (Price: $ 15 for box of 500, »8 by 2-in. screws) Hcifele America Co., Dept. A\HT, Box 4000, A rcbclale, NC 27263, (919) 889-2322. CIRCLE «612

Polyurethane Glue ►

Excel is a new polyurethane wood glue imported from Europe that's highly resistant to water, chemicals and temperature extremes. It's similar in strength to plastic resin and cpoxy glue, but it doesn't & require mixing. Excel has a 30-minute open time to let you glue up complex assemblies, and a 12-hour clamping time. It bonds well to oily or exotic wood spccics, and since the glue expands as it cures, it will fill gaps in poorly fitting joints. Our tests show that once dry. Excel sands easily and takes stain better than yellow glue.

Am be I Corp., Dept AWT, J 25 Cottonport Are., Cottonport, ¡.A 71327, (318) 876-2495. uruc*»

Noise Pollution Ends Here... Guaranteed!


• Lowest Decibel Rating to guarantee little or no noise

• MlCR()-5m Carbide extra hard micrograin tip

• High Tech Laser Design

• Unique Boomerang Slot and Plug Configuration does not allow vibration to travel through the surface of the blade thereby eliminating sound

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